Typescript Interface vs Type Aliases

Typescript has many benefits and it has gained massive popularity due to some of its salient features. It is clean, fast, elementary, and most significantly, its easy to learn the framework. In typescript we use interfaces and type alias to describe object type or structure, and understanding the difference between the an interface and type alias is important.


Reflecting on XP Programming

XP Programming is one of the numerous agile sofware development frameworks which is designed to improve the quality of software and allow developers to properly adapt to changing customer requirements. It also aims at producing higher quality life for development team.


The Art of Effective Code Reviews: Listen, Contribute and Grow

Code Reviews are an important process that all development teams should adopt. This article focuses on the importance of code reviews and the different types that teams can use as well as a guidelines to ensure teams benefit the most out of them.


Understanding Color Accessibility and Contrast

Readability of content on a website is one of the most essential things to consider when building one. This article focuses on the importance of color and contrast and what are the industry standards and algorithms used to determine color ratio.